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My birthday wish

I turn 24 today & I’m writing this at 6 a.m in the backseat on the way to TX for my graduation.
As exciting as that is, all I REALLY want for my bday is for Lana Parrilla to read this and maybe get a bday wish from her.

Lana is the only reason I got my Twitter in the first place; she was the 1st person I ever followed.

OUAT is abaolutely my favorite show right now (whoo SwanQueen!) And the Evil Queen is my favorite character by far (Lana does such a perfect job portraying her). I think I can identify with the EQ a lot though because I’ve been hurt alot when it comes to love ( and by the people I thought loved me).So I’ve hidden myself away from it lately.
But I still believe there is someone out there for everyone. OUAT showa me a bit of that and seeing how sweet and awesome Lana is with her fans just reminds me that there are truly good people in the world.

I usually don’t spill my guts out like this,but I hope when I finally get my Happily Ever After she is as sweet and amazing as Lana :)
Thanks for reading
-Nicole \m/^_^\m/@

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